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Wing Chun Kuen Phai

As it was proven by a long time, Wing Chun is harmonically connected with daily life of people who devote themselves to its study. Many people have been learning and are still learning the science of Wing Chun in order to discover the world full of wisdom. It is a sure thing that only the tenacious and the patient ones will be able to reach the desired goal. Thanks to these personal qualities they will be able to learn how to observe things instead of just seeing them, how to act in the right way and not just talking about it and how to focus on the details instead of paying attention to the unnecessary things.

         There is no need to strictly judge the masters for the fact, that they spent time training with only a small amount of learners.  It allowed the maintenance of consistency of the style to happen, so that it could be passed on further. Because the learning process takes a long time that is done not only in order to test the learners in their loyalty but also to allow to consequentially develop the skills that are trained, to maintain learned skills and to adopt new learned skills to the previous ones, to keep health safe and not to cripple it. That is why many individuals don’t have enough patience and stop their trainings. Then they try other martial arts, but meet same requirements and the story repeats itself. Those aspects are causes of disputes about effective and ineffective martial arts. All martial arts are good, same can be said about the individual schools, the only variable that is changing here is the person who represents it; whether he is a nice or a bad person, whether he is clever or stupid and whether he is wise or lacking the necessary insight.

Martial art Wing Chun

Wing Chun has a unique base of martial art that has survived during ages and which is fundamental for the spreading and addition characteristic for the autonomous self-regulation of martial arts. The specificity of the Wing Chun style in comparison with the other martial arts is explained by the fact that the art of Wing Chun was kept in secret for a long time in the past. As a result Wing Chun hasn’t been changed when others styles have. The spirit of shaolin has brought some basic thoughts and concepts of martial art and played an important role in forming of this style. During the course of their lives the masters were gathering the knowledge, they were connecting it, tested it and improved their own skills and the skills and experience of the previous masters.  Thus the unique methodology of the exercise together with the technical equipment and the tactics and the strategy of the fight was born.  One should not forget about the philosophical view of the world in Wing Chun as well: Wing Chun pays great attention to the inner self-realization and the psychophysical work has more value than the outer work and the grow of muscles.

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Exercises and Meditation


Practice means combination of exercises and meditation with breathing and usage of power. Movements of the body are controlled by conscience in order to achieve the desired harmonious state and the unity of psychophysical processes. Practicing properties like softness, hardness, intelligence, balance, power, sensitivity and intuition are used. During trainings the techniques of throws, hits, pressure and off-balancing are used together with the great amount of the technical elements for legs and arms. All this is practiced during the exercises of the techniques of sticky legs and fighting legs and the techniques of sticky hands and fighting hands. Real Wing Chun master can employ all the aspects described above anytime. During pair training he feels his partner and knows his intentions, he maintains his good posture, evaluates the actions and does not let his opponent to develop the attack; he reacts quickly to the changes, he attacks and counterattacks. The schools and the styles which existed long time ago were noble in their nature, but they were down rated in terms of their practical application and because of that most of them took some elements from Wing Chun instead of influencing it themselves.  Secondly, Wing Chun has gained respect as the style which is clear in its power and possibilities and as the style which creates instead of destroying something.  This fact leads to the maintenance of the unique traditions, which are the basis the guarantee for the ability of existence, the growing potential and the maintenance of the inner strength of the spirit of Wing Chun.

Due to its distinctiveness Wing Chun has its honorable place among martial arts.


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